A free bird is a happy bird, each of us has ‘wings’ we just need to spread them. The bird is a reminder for us all.


Nature is my muse

Julia Ilkiv (1987) was born and raised in the village of Skhidnytsia, Lviv region, Ukraine. She has been drawing since childhood, but started her professional career relatively recently, after moving to Vynnyky in 2020. She finished a course of academic drawing in ‘Creative’ design school in Lviv in 2014.

Julia Ilkiv uses a wide range of different techniques to create drawings and paintings but is best known for her very finely detailed pen drawings. Her work is dominated by graphic works, especially floral themes.
In 2020, she visited the Vynnyky Art School and atelier of local artist Lev Levkiv. Her work was framed for her first solo exhibition when the war started and she had to flee with her family. Their journey ended in The Netherlands, in Helmond. Where she now lives and works as an artist. There she became one of the participating artists of Make Art Not War (www.makeart-notwar.com). In addition to this collaboration, she had her first exhibition in Eindhoven where she exhibited her black and white pen drawings. Currently she exhibits her work in the Pop-Up Julia Ilkiv & Co. Art Gallery in Helmond. She works intuitively, with small accurate pen-strokes, and knows how to convey her emotions onto paper.

Education/art practice:

16.05, 23-24.05.2024

Make Eindhoven

Mezzotint workshop.

Tutor – Sjoerd Tegelaers.




De Cacaofabriek

Workshop ” Ontwerp je eigen patroon” met Christie van der Haak.



17 January 2024 – 27 March 2024

University of Oxford

Completion the online course ‘Learning to Look at Modern Art’, taught by Gordon Reavley.

+ 10 CATS points of The Credit Accumulation.



De Cacaofabriek

“De workshop / lezing HIMMELSBACH”



04-09 July 2023

Universiteit Leiden

Completion the Course of botanical illustration and painting.

Hortus botanicus/Hortus Atelier.

Tutor – Anita Walsmit Sachs.


11 January 2023 – 22 March 2023

University of Oxford

Completion the online course ‘The Impressionists: Painting Modern Life’, taught by Jan Cox.

+ 10 CATS points of The Credit Accumulation.

April 2022 – September 2022
Visiting and working at Paul Dirks art studio in Helmond, The Netherlands.

June 2020 – January 2022
Visiting Vynnyky art school, atelier of local artist Lev Levkiv, preparation for the first solo exhibition in Vynnyky , Ukraine.

February 2014 – June 2014
Finished course of academic drawing in “Creative” design school, Lviv, Ukraine.



28.03 2024 – 28. 04. 2024

National Center “Ukrainian Home”, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Group exhibition “Ukrainian diary/A4 ballpoint”

Exposition of 3 graphic artworks, that were created during a full scale russian invasion. Works were includes in the printed catalogues about the project.

Organisator & Curator – Eugene Karas/Karas Gallery, ArtHuss Publishing, National Center “Ukrainian Home”.


01 December 2023 – 31 January 2024

Pop-Up Julia Ilkiv & Co. Art Gallery, Helmond, The Netherlands.

Personal exhibition “My colorfull dreams/From Ukraine to Helmond”

Exposition of 40 graphic artworks, made before the war in Ukraine. Organisator & Curator – Mariëlle van de Kerkhof


01-30 September 2023

POST #5700

Group exhibition “Pakketpost”, Helmond, The Netherlands.
Exposition of 3 graphic artworks. Organisator – Joke Smeulders.


18 June – 09 July 2023

Personal exhibition in Kunstcentrum Genhout, Beek, The Netherlands
Exposition of 35 artworks. Concert for refugees, total amount of 11 solded artworks was donated to Stichting Sociaal Medische Hulpverlening aan Oost Europa.
Organisator – Ingrid Henssen, Mathias Brouwers.


22 December 2022 – 29 October 2023

Group exhibition “De kasteeltuin. Door de eeuwen heen”,

Helmond, The Netherlands

Exposure of the original watercolour artwork “Blessed”, “Non-ikebana” serie, 2022.

Fragments of the work are used for the exhibition’s wall designs.


11 September 2022
Helmond Art festival
Presentation of original artworks in Helmond city centre.
Organisator & Curator – Helmond Marketing, Mariëlle van de Kerkhof


7 July 2022 – 3 October 2022
Group exhibition “Ukrainian Art”, AG Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Exposition of 30 graphic artworks about war in Ukraine, made being abroad. Speech on the opening and representation of Ukrainian artists abroad in The Netherlands.
Organisator – Willie Roncken



08.04, 15.04, 06.05, 13.05.2024

Kunstkwartier, Helmond, The Netherlands.

“Huiskameratelier” project. Monotypia and mixed-media workshops.


January 2024 – present

Pop-Up Julia Ilkiv & Co. Art Studio, Helmond, The Netherlands

Providing free workshops for the children two times per week.


July 2023 – January 2024

Pop-Up Julia Ilkiv & Co. Art Studio, Helmond, The Netherlands

Providing free workshops for all kinds of participants two times per week.


29 May 2023

Feest in de kasteeltuin, Helmond, The Netherlands

Creating black lines design on canvases, open air workshop with visitors.

Organisator – Museum Helmond, Gemeente Helmond


24 September 2022 – present
Opening of Pop-Up Julia Ilkiv & Co. Art Gallery, Elzaspassage 35, Helmond, The Netherlands
Organisator & Curator – Mariëlle van de Kerkhof, Volop Helmond, Helmond Marketing and Elzaspassage

May 2022 – present
Make Art Not War
Taking part, being one of the Ukrainian artist, situated in The Netherlands. Selling prints for donation and support of Ukrainian art and refugeeorganisation. (www.makeart-notwar.com)
Organisator & Curator – Ingeborg Vriends

January 2021 – Mai 2022
Member of Ukrainian professional online artist market platform Senka.
32 artworks published.
16 artworks are sold.

June 2020 – present
Member of Ukrainian professional online artist market platform SilSol.
287 artworks published.
89 artworks are sold.
Amount of 16 sold artworks was donated to Ukrainian army in period of war.
18 artworks got expect recommendation.

In my mind there is no limit